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Viola Folador, born in '93, for everyone just "vi", is a writer and film director, currently based in Milan.

Tiptoeing she barely reach one meter and sixtyfive and from there she tells her point of view mixing narrative and aesthetics, vintage and modern, bread and chocolate.


Born and raised in a tiny village in Valcuvia, surrounded by nature, she was soon influenced by the films of Tim Burton, the writing of Edgar Allan Poe and fascinates by odd and lonely things. Really young she began to tell her own storie through short tales, poems, fan fiction, monologues and scripts for school plays.

Lover of books and writing, coffee and tea, but mostly of cinema and good stories, after having studied foreign languages ​​and then in 2015 graduated in cinema directing at the Michelangelo Antonioni Cinematographic Institute, she started working in Milan on numerous sets, covering various roles including production assistant, videomaker, assistant director and finally film director.

In 2017, only for music videos, she began co-directing with her colleague Fabio Landi, under the pseudonym of Luther Blissett, while as a 'soloist', since 2015, in addition to various commercials, branded content and fashion films, she wrote and directed four shortfilms (and only directed other two), winning three awards for "Best Director", two for "Best Screenplay" and twelve awards for "Best ShortFilm".

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