Viola Folador, class '93, for everybody just vi.

Film director and writer, currently based in Milan.

I tell my point of view with images mixing narrative and aesthetics, vintage with modern and bread with chocolate.


Tiptoeing I barely reach one meter and sixtyfive.

I love coffee, books, tea, cactus, cinema and writing.
As a child, born and raised in a small village in Valcuvia, surrounded by nature, I was influenced by Edgar Allan Poe’s books and Tim Burton’s movies, odd and lonely things still fascinates me.

After studying languages and film directing I improved my skills on many different sets, working as assistant director, production assistant, videomaker and finally film director.

Until now, I have written and directed 4 shortfilms, some commercials and fashion films and various
music video. Only for music video I work in a duo with the director Fabio Landi under the pseudonym of Luther Blissett.


I won 3 awards as "best director", 8 as "best shortfilm" and 2 as "best screenwriter".